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Welcome to Our Instructional Video Library

Champion Windows demands quality in every job we do. These “How To” videos provide easy-to-follow instruction on maintaining your Champion windows and doors. With just a little routine care and cleaning, you can ensure your windows and doors will continue to perform their best.

Instructional Videos for Patio Doors

Door: Handle Adjustments

Door: Remove/Replace Screen

Door: Remove/Replace Vent

Door: Adjust Roller

Door: Screen Latch Adjustment

Door: Screen Wheel Adjustment

Door: Proper Cleaning

Instructional Videos for Horizontal Sliders

Horizontal Slider: Remove/Replace Screen

Horizontal Slider: Remove/Replace Vent

Horizontal Slider: Window Roller Adjustment

Horizontal Slider: Proper Cleaning

Instructional Videos for Single Hung Windows

Single Hung Window: Unloaded Balancer

Single Hung Window: Remove/Replace Vent

Single Hung Window: Remove/Replace Screen

Single Hung Window: Remove/Replace Balancer

Single Hung Window: Balancer Drop Out

Single Hung Window: Proper Cleaning